Automatic storage chamber

Completely automated equipment running unattended 24/7.

  • touch screen 17".
  • uninterruptible power supply
  • single board computer (SBC)
  • powder coating
  • printer for printing receipts
  • bill acceptor
  • double burglar-proof doors
  • board – сontroller, electromechanical lock

Additional equipment for "Automatic beach lockers"

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Wi-Fi access point

Cost – € 268.

Wi-Fi access point is programmed for distribution paid online on the beach. This service is in the category of the most popular on the beach.

  • Range – 180 m.
  • Maximum speed –150 Mbit/s.
Громкоговоритель для пляжа

Radio point

Cost – € 106.

Designed to attract the attention of potential customers to the service. Also it can be used to earn money on advertising other services, institutions, other kinds of advertising your business that brings extra income.

  • Power - 30W;
  • Size - 165*267*278 mm;
  • Cover - ABS-plastic;
  • Required voltage - 100 V;
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Charging for gadgets

Cost – € 34/cell.

Set of chargers for all popular phone models. Set in a cell. The kit includes a device that stabilizes the voltage on all kinds of chargers. This service is the most popular category on the beach.

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Refrigerate with 12 cells

Цена для АКХ: Cost – € 1608. .

The refrigerator compartment is intended for use on the beach. The feature of this camera is that it cools the beverages and foods to a temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius without frion.

  • Power supply - 12 V.
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Video monitoring

Cost – € 414.

Outdoor camera allows you to better control the work of ABL, and significantly enhances the credibility of the service by the end customer, so you get more customers. Recording operation can be accessed remotely. The camera is recording when approaching a camera on the 1 m.

Платный доступ к сети Интернет

Payment terminal

Cost – € 469.

Installing the software payment terminal will greatly increase the amount of use are ABL. Providing all kinds of services such as receiving payments for mobile communication services, utilities, Internet service providers, replenish accounts in payment systems, bank card accounts.