Automatic beach locker on the basis of the computer - Business idea in 2015!

Automatic luggage storage (ALS) - is a vending equipment, which allows you to organize the service for temporary storage renting. The principal differences from conventional lockers is:

Automatic beach lockers
  • Receiving money for the service by the bill acceptor, avoiding the costs and risks associated with the use of hired personnel - the operator;
  • Possibility of online monitor performance and condition of the equipment using the GSM/GPRS module. This will avoid situations of overcrowding bill acceptor, hacking attempts, failures and other emergency situations;
  • Strengthened body for avoiding the external influence;;
  • Variability of the number of cells and their size corresponds to the wishes of the customer. In the same storage can be both large and small cells, which provides the flexibility and convenience of the service provided;
  • Our equipment is universal and all-season. So at the beach season you can use it on the beach, and than move it to the train stations, malls, etc.

АAs the result, when you're buying the automatical beach lockers, you not only get a great earnings in the beach season, but also the equipment that will allow you to make money and at the end of the holiday season.

Automatic beach locker of our production can operate on DC power supply - power and independently of the battery. Battery life depends on battery capacity (in practice used car battery). The use of ALS instead of the usual mechanical allows you to save money, effort and time, in consequence of the fact that there is no need to involve staff, there is no cost associated with the loss of keys and bracelets. In addition, the design of ALS is more durable.

The income from the one point of beach lockers 2015

 Storage cells renting

€ 1,5 per day

 Cells quanity

42 cells

 Mobile devices charger

€ 3 per day

 Chargers quanity

6 cells

  Daily income

€ 81

Additional income

  Save on the "human factor":

€ 14 per day

  Paid access to the Internet:

€ 73 per day

 Pizza delivering service, taxi call service:

€ 28 per day

 Payment terminal:

€ 19 per day


€ 17 per day

Total income

€ 232 per day

Given the business risks, we can divide the income by two. Real income on automatic beach storage room is € 115 per day.

We know that is 25 sunny days in the month (in the beach season),so the monthly income will be € 2.875

Automatic storage chamber in the beach
Automatic lockers for beaches, festivals

As you can see, multifunctional complex generates income from totally different kinds of services. If suddenly one service will not work, the other five will.

When you're investing in an automatic beach locker, you are investing in business all year long, which brings constant passive income

We ourselves have developed and manufacture our equipment, so We can fulfill any decision on automatic storage chambers for the client. You need to contact our managers and clarify the cost and terms of work.