Additional income

Charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops

Our company within of the project "Automatic locker" provides with opportunity to organize a paid charging service of mobile devices. Everyone knows how quickly the modern gadgets lose their energy. Internet surfing, games, listening to the music and watching videos – all this is literally "killing" the phone battery. The equipment for such a service organizing requires minimal space, and allows obtaining a significant increase in earnings. It is not necessary to have an automatic locker to provide this service. The operator responsible for beach locker can be responsible for this service, too.

Paid Internet access

It’s hard to imagine modern man’s life without the Internet. Beach without the internet becomes not attractive anymore. Young people and businessmen – they all need the internet connection. Mobile internet is not yet cheap or reliable, the speed is low and the connection is often weak. Therefore, the service of prepaid internet services on the beach will be highly demanded. The essence of the service is simple. You set the Wi-Fi access point to the Internet. The cost of such a service is 180 USD, the range is 150 m, the maximum speed is 300 Mbit /s. The Client receives the code generated by the device; the code is designed for a specific traffic limit. The access point does not need the computer, only the internet cable and a power supply. Payback period for it is about 2 to 3 weeks. The profit for season can reach up to 1 thousand USD from one point or even more!

Payment terminal

Installing the software payment terminal will greatly increase the amount of use are ABL. Providing all kinds of services such as receiving payments for mobile communication services, utilities, Internet service providers, replenish accounts in payment systems, bank card accounts.

Refrigerate with 12 cells

The refrigerator compartment is intended for use on the beach. The feature of this camera is that it cools the beverages and foods to a temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius without frion. Power supply - 12 V.

Branding for beach storage cells

Advertising space is quite limited on the beach, but there are a lot of products with a high relevance of advertising. This opens a great opportunity for owners of lockers. To find a client for advertising is not a problem, just look around. Your advertising space (the area on the beach storage cells is about 6 sq. m. for each section) maybe interesting for night clubs, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. Also, do not forget about such advertisers as producers of soft drinks and snacks sellers.