Automatic lockers – business for self-starters.

Beach lockers. Kazantip 2014

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “locker for the beach?” Well, you might think ofan ordinary box having doors with a small key and a tiny lock, which can be opened by schoolboy with a simple paper clip. This is NOT about us. We produce AUTOMATIC lockers stuffed with rich functionality.

Automatic lockers for beaches are an ideal modern business project! What is the secret? Actually, there is no secret at all.

7 points of net profit:

  • Securing things using electromechanical lock and double metal walls of the cell;
  • PAID charging for mobile phones;
  • Available payment terminal (calling taxi, ordering pizza, balance top up);
  • Paid access to the INTERNET.
  • Sending and receiving parcels;
  • Installation of cooling chambers;
  • Advertising on the cells and casings of the locker;

Here are SEVEN points that will bring you profit every day. If you purchase the automatic locker, you will get a “worker”, which doesn’t require a salary, days off, sick leaves and vacations! It just brings the PROFIT!

Beach lockers. Montenegro, Budva 2016

Business that makes money from the first day. Figures that will not leave you unfazed!

Probably, you are interested in specific figures. But how have we learned about them? Our customers have provided these figures, and then we have calculated an average value:

  • Real income on automatic beach storage room is € 115 per day;
  • monthly income will be € 2.875;

This is quite eloquent, isn’t it?

Automatic lockers for beaches Spain

How can you earn all the year round?

If you use the automatic lockers, you can build business not only on the beach as the holiday season lasts about 3-5 months a year. You will say: “But we want to make money all the year round!!!” It’s very simple: do not leave your lockers standing idle on the beach, and place them in the crowded places: shopping malls, swimming pools, bowling, gyms, cinemas, railway stations, and water parks. Actually, this might be any place where there are a lot of people who want to put their things somewhere! That’s it! You are provided with profit all the year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!!! Read more

Specifications of our equipment

Completely automated equipment running unattended 24/7. Metal cabinet with powder coating, which allows reducing corrosion rate. Full-color touch screen. Voice assistance. Multilingual. Multi-currency support. Firmware for any currency of the country. Computer control of all assemblies. Bill and/or coin acceptor. Receipt printing. Uninterruptible power supply, works in a standalone mode up to 2 days. Extra features: alarm, video surveillance, cooling chamber.

  • touch screen 17"
  • uninterruptible power supply
  • single board computer (SBC)
  • powder coating
  • printer for printing receipts
  • bill acceptor
  • double burglar-proof doors
  • metal thickness of 1 mm
  • board – сontroller, electromechanical lock
Dimensions in mm
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